Allabogdanite, the high-pressure polymorph of (Fe,Ni)2P, a stishovite-grade indicator of impact processes in the Fe–Ni–P systemOPEN ACCESS 

Sergey N. Britvin, Vladimir V. Shilovskikh, Renato Pagano, Natalia S. Vlasenko, Anatoly N. Zaitsev, Maria G. Krzhizhanovskaya, Maksim S. Lozhkin, Andrey A. Zolotarev & Vladislav V. Gurzhiy

Scientific Reports
Volume 9, Article number: 1047 (2019)


“Allabogdanite, (Fe,Ni)2P, is the only known natural high-pressure phase reported in the Fe–Ni–P system. The mineral, which was previously described from a single meteorite, the Onello iron, is now discovered in the Santa Catharina and Barbianello nickel-rich ataxites. The occurrence of allabogdanite in Santa Catharina, one of the largest and well-studied meteorites, suggests that this mineral is more common than was believed. The formation of allabogdanite-bearing phosphide assemblages in a given meteorite provides evidence that it experienced peak pressure of at least 8 GPa at a temperature above 800 °C. Since the pressure-temperature stability parameters of allabogdanite fall within the margins of the stishovite (rutile-type SiO2) stability area, the former can be employed as a convenient stishovite-grade indicator of significant impact events experienced by iron and stony-iron meteorites and their parent bodies.”