Role of spectral resolution for infrared asteroid compositional analysis using meteorite spectraOPEN ACCESS 

A. Skulteti, A. Kereszturi, Zs. Kereszty, B. Pal, M. Szabo, F. Cipriani

Accepted in MNRAS for publication on May 22nd, 2020


“In this work the potential mineral identification of meteorites is analysed for the mid-infrared range, to evaluate observational possibilities for future missions targeting small body surfaces. Three carbonaceous and three ordinary chondrite meteorites are examined by a diffuse reflection (DRIFT) instrument, and the presence of principal minerals is confirmed by a powder diffraction method as well. The possibilities and constraints of mineral identifications in the mid-infrared are simulated by artificially degrading the spectral resolution. Our research shows that for the definite identification of principal mineral bands, a spectral resolution ≤10~cm−1 (≤0.15μm) is needed. At 20-100~cm−1 (0.3 – 1.5~μm) resolution the identification of these minerals is uncertain, and with a resolution >100~cm−1, it is almost impossible. “