A Special Role of Spectrophotometry in the Study of Asteroids and Meteorite Analogs

Vladimir V. Busarev, Andrey M. Sobolev, Victor I. Grohovsky, Nikolai A. Kruglikov

Minerals: Structure, Properties, Methods of Investigation. pp 43-52, Conference paper


“The significance of spectrophotometry among other optical methods for the assessment of chemical and mineral composition of asteroids and other solid celestial bodies is discussed. Laboratory studies of analogs of these bodies, such as meteorites and common minerals, expand the limits of our knowledge of extraterrestrial matter as a whole. However, the modern collections of meteorites are incomplete because of the rigid selection of falling space matter by terrestrial atmosphere. To solve this problem, wider spectral investigations of asteroids, as well as the search and study of new meteorites, including micrometeorites and meteorites after modeling the processes of space weathering, and space dust are necessary. We consider possibilities to move forward in this direction.”