Evidence for nucleosynthetic enrichment of the protosolar molecular cloud core by multiple supernova events

Martin Schiller, Chad Paton, Martin Bizzarro

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
Available online 13 November 2014


Accretion of Earth’s volatiles:
In terms of their H and N isotopes, as well as
volatile element abundances, the CI and CM like
bodies are the most likely the sources of Earth’s
volatiles [5, 15]. Since the bulk H and N isotopic
compositions of CI and CM chondrites probably
evolved during their aqueous alteration, the Earth’s
building blocks cannot have accreted them until after
alteration was complete, which was ≥4-5 Myr after
CAIs [13] and after Mars-sized embryos had begun
to form [28].