Study of Spectrally Resolved Thermoluminescence in Tsarev and Chelyabinsk Chondrites with a Versatile High-Sensitive SetupOPEN ACCESS 

Alexander Vokhmintsev, Ahmed Henaish, Taher Sharshar, Osama Hemeda, Ilya Weinstein

Materials 2021, 14 (21), 6518


“Thermoluminescence (TL) research provides a powerful tool for characterizing radiation-induced processes in extraterrestrial matter. One of the challenges in studying the spectral features of the natural TL of stony meteorites is its weak intensity. The present work showcases the capabilities of a high-sensitive original module for measuring the spectrally resolved TL characteristics of the Chelyabinsk and Tsarev chondrites. We have analyzed the emission spectra and glow curves of natural and induced TL over the 300–650 nm and RT–873 K ranges. A quasi-continuous distribution of traps active within the 350–650 K range was found in the silicate substructure of both meteorites under study. Based on the general order kinetic formalism and using the natural TL data, we also estimated the activation energies of EA = 0.86 and 1.08 eV for the Chelyabinsk and Tsarev chondrites, respectively. “