Five Meteorites found during Antarctic reconnaissance mission to find new meteorite accumulation areas

On 18 January 2023 the Université Libre de Bruxelles announced that five meteorites, including a 7.6-kilogram mass (H chondrite) and the first find, a 150-gram specimen, have been recovered during a reconnaissance mission by an international team of Vinciane Debaille (FNRS-ULB), Maria Schönbächler (ETH-Zurich), Maria Valdes (Field Museum of Natural History-U. Chicago), Ryoga Maeda (VUB-ULB) and guide Manu Poudelet (International Polar Guide Association).
The 7.6-kilogram specimen was found during the last hours of the last day of the search during the expedition which started on 11 December 2022. The expedition’s goal was to find new meteorite accumulation areas around the Belgian Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Station. The Nils Larsen blue ice field, about 60 kilometers east of the Princess Elisabeth station, has been recognized as an accumulation zone worthy of revisiting.

LINK (Le Soir, 18 January 2023)

The 7.6-kilogram specimen in situ: PHOTO / PHOTO 2

The 7.6-kilogram mass in situ. Photo: Maria Schönbächler (ETH Zürich)

Recovery of the 7.6-kilogramm meteorite. White helmet: Maria Schönbächler. Green helmet: Maria Valdes. Black helmet: Ryoga Maeda. Orange helmet: Vinciane Debaille. Photo: Maria Valdes