Peculiarities of the Extraterrestrial Basalts of the Solar System with Reference to the Exoplanet Science: a Brief Review

S. I. Demidova & D. D. Badyukov

Geochemistry International, Volume 61, pages 453–467
Published: 06 July 2023


“The formation of basalts is a global stage in the evolution of differentiated cosmic body (planet or asteroid) of the Solar System. The paper presents the main chemical and mineralogical features of basaltic meteorites of the SNC, HED group, angrites and lunar mare basalts based on literature data. Despite the differences in the products of basaltic volcanism on different cosmic bodies and significant compositional variations in major minerals of basaltic rocks, most of them belong to low-alkaline basalts, suggesting the prevalence of this type of rocks at least among small bodies of the Solar System. All of them are characterized by the presence of such rock-forming minerals as pyroxene, olivine, and plagioclase, and their spectral characteristics can be used to search for basalts on exoplanets. The main factors affecting the spectral characteristics of atmosphere-free bodies and larger planets with an atmosphere are shown, and the possibility of searching for products of basalt volcanism on exoplanets during future missions is considered.”