Overview of the Lost Meteorites of Antarctica field campaignsOPEN ACCESS 

K. H. Joy, A. R. D. Smedley, J. L. MacArthur, W. van Verre, L. A. Marsh, M. Rose, T. A. Harvey, R. Tartèse, R. H. Jones, I. D. Abrahams, J. W. Wilson, A. J. Peyton, L. Gerrish, J. Baum, G. Raymond, R. Taylor, G. W. Evatt

MAPS, Version of Record online: 05 January 2024


“The Lost Meteorites of Antarctica project was the first UK-led Antarctic meteorite recovery expedition. The project has successfully confirmed two new high-density meteorite stranding zones in the Hutchison Icefield and Outer Recovery Icefields areas and investigated the geology of three previously unvisited Antarctic nunataks (Turner Nunatak, Pillinger Nunatak, Halliday Nunatak). The project undertook meteorite searching on the ice surface via skidoo reconnaissance and systematic searching and developed a novel pulse induction metal detection system to search for englacial iron-rich meteorites trapped within the upper one meter of ice. In total, 121 meteorites have been recovered from the ice surface searching activities, which are now curated in the United Kingdom at the Natural History Museum London and are available for scientific analysis.”