Fragments – radio drama by Laura Lomas

by Laura Lomas

Radio Drama, BBC 4
6 February 14:15-15:00 UTC
29 days left to listen

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Meteorites are more frequent than we might imagine, but few of them ever make it to Earth. They travel towards us at 40,000 mph and burn up the closer they get. Fragments of matter splinter and explode as they disintegrate. Occasionally these powerful celestial events collide with everyday life.
In this original drama, four unconnected people are heading to the North East Yorkshire coast on the day of a forecast meteorite explosion. Katarzyna has just found out her bank account has been emptied, so she cannot bring her younger sister over from Poland. Jamie is just out of prison and paralysed by fear at the thought of clearing out his dead mother’s house. Michael is driving back to the spot where he and his now-deceased daughter enjoyed summer holiday. Aaron, 15 years old, believes his absent father will meet him to witness the meteorite.
Fragments is a sharp, warm contemporary drama, mixing ordinary struggles with the theatre of interstellar space. Recorded on location in North Yorkshire.

Written by Laura Lomas
Sound Design: Eloise Whitmore
Producer: Polly Thomas
Executive Producer: Joby Waldman
A Somethin Else production for BBC Radio 4.

“a forecast meteoriteoid explosion”

If only there were more of these in our nonfictional world! 😉