Thermal evolution and sintering of chondritic planetesimals – II. Improved treatment of the compaction process

Hans-Peter Gail, Stephan Henke and Mario Trieloff

Astronomy & Astrophysics
Volume 576, April 2015
published online: 27 March 2015


Results. By comparison with some published data on sintering experiments it is shown that the algorithm to follow the decrease of porosity of granular material during progressive sintering allows a sufficiently accurate modelling of the compaction of silicate material. The dependence of the compaction process on the nature of the precursor material, either matrix-dominated or chondrule-dominated, is discussed. It is shown that the characteristic temperature at which sintering occurs is different for matrix or chondrule-dominated precursor material. We apply the new method for calculating compaction to the evolution of the parent body of the H chondrites and determine an improved optimised set of model parameters for this body.