Brachinite-Like Clast in the Kaidun Meteorite: First Report of Primitive Achondrite Material

Higashi, K.; Hasegawa, H.; Mikouchi, T.; Zolensky, M. E.

Conference Paper
Lunar and Planetary Science Conference ; 48th; 20-24 Mar. 2017; The Woodlands, TX; United States
Date Acquired: Jan 26, 2017


48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (2017), Abstract #1903

“Kaidun is a brecciated meteorite containing many different types of meteorites. It is composed of carbonaceous, enstatite, ordinary and R chondrites with smaller amounts of basaltic achondrites, impact melt products and unknown [1, 2]. Because of the multiple components and high abundance of carbonaceous chondrites, the Kaidun parent body was probably a large C-type asteroid in order to have accumulated clasts of many unrelated asteroids, and thus Kaidun contains previously unknown materials[1]. It has been suggested that the Kaidun parent body trawled through different regions of the solar system [3], but the formation of Kaidun meteorite is still uncertain. In this abstract, we report the first discovery of a brachinite-like clast in Kaidun. “