Current status of Polish Fireball Network

M. Wiśniewski, P. Żołądek, A. Olech, Z. Tyminski, M. Maciejewski, K. Fietkiewicz, R. Rudawska, M. Gozdalski, M.P. Gawroński, T. Suchodolski, M. Myszkiewicz, M. Stolarz, K. Polakowski

Planetary and Space Science
In Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available online 31 March 2017


“The Polish Fireball Network (PFN) is a project to monitor regularly the sky over Poland in order to detect bright fireballs. In 2016 the PFN consisted of 36 continuously active stations with 57 sensitive analogue video cameras and 7 high resolution digital cameras. In our observations we also use spectroscopic and radio techniques. A PyFN software package for trajectory and orbit determination was developed. The PFN project is an example of successful participation of amateur astronomers who can provide valuable scientific data. The network is coordinated by astronomers from Copernicus Astronomical Center in Warsaw, Poland. In 2011–2015 the PFN cameras recorded 214936 meteor events. Using the PFN data and the UFOOrbit software 34609 trajectories and orbits were calculated. In the following years we are planning intensive modernization of the PFN network including installation of dozens of new digital cameras.”