Meteoroids as One of the Sources for Exosphere Formation on Airless Bodies in the Inner Solar SystemOPEN ACCESS 

Diego Janches, Alexey A. Berezhnoy, Apostolos A. Christou, Gabriele Cremonese, Takayuki Hirai, Mihály Horányi, Jamie M. Jasinski & Menelaos Sarantos

Space Science Reviews, Volume 217, Article number: 50 (2021)


“This manuscript represents a review on progress made over the past decade concerning our understanding of meteoroid bombardment on airless solar system bodies as one of the sources of the formation of their exospheres. Specifically, observations at Mercury by MESSENGER and at the Moon by LADEE, together with progress made in dynamical models of the meteoroid environment in the inner solar system, offer new tools to explore in detail the physical phenomena involved in this complex relationship. This progress is timely given the expected results during the next decade that will be provided by new missions such as DESTINY+, BepiColombo, the Artemis program or the Lunar Gateway.”