Krasnojarsk (“Pallas iron”) in the Fersman Mineralogical Museum, Moscow

Meteorite “Pallas iron” (Medvedevo;Krasnojarsk)
Stony-iron meteorite (pallasite). The total mass of 687 kg
Found in 1749 in Russia near the village “Medvedevo” Krasnoyarsk region.
Is considered the first meteorite found in Russia.
The meteorite was found by blacksmith Yakov Medvedev .Then this finding was showed to the Russian scientist Peter Simon Pallas,who sent this meteorite to Petersburg for investigation .The meteorite was cut into two parts and investigated the composition. As it turned out,mainly the meteorite consists of iron,Nickel, and olivine.The event was called “Pallas iron” in honor of the scientist P. S. Pallas.
In modern sources of this meteorite is also called “Krasnojarsk”.