Evidence for impact shock and regolith transportation on CM, CI, and CV chondrite parent asteroids

Michael Zolensky, Takashi Mikouchi, Kenji Hagiya, Kazumasa Ohsumi, Mutsumi Komatsu, Andrew Cheng, Loan Le

Version of Record online: 22 September 2022


“We explore impact shock processing of the regolith of parent asteroids of carbonaceous chondrites, which has not been considered a major process for hydrous carbonaceous chondrites. We describe shock-produced minerals and features found in brecciated CI, CM, and CV chondrites, including agglutinates, a glassy melt pod, a shock melt vein, and melted sulfides. We also reexamine cognate clasts present in the Vigarano CV3 chondrites which appear to derive from asteroid ponds and exhibit cross-bedded dish structures.”