Solar system chemical abundances corrected for systematics

(STOCK IMAGE) Numerical data from: Katharina Lodders (2003). “SOLAR SYSTEM ABUNDANCES AND CONDENSATION TEMPERATURES OF THE ELEMENTS”. The Astrophysical Journal 591: 1220–1247

Guillermo Gonzalez

MNRAS (September 1, 2014) 443 (1): L99-L103. doi: 10.1093/mnrasl/slu083
First published online July 10, 2014



It has been assumed that CI chondrite meteorites are
the least affected by fractionation processes, given their
higher volatile/refractory ratio than other meteorite classes
(Lodders et al. 2009). However, it had not been demon-
strated that the CI chondrites are completely lacking in
fractionation effects for elements more refractory than H,
C, N and O relative to the primordial state. If our nding is
conrrmed, then a mechanism for this fractionation will need
to be sought.