Dhofar 1769—Clear indications for repeated mixing of impact melt lithologiesOPEN ACCESS 

Addi Bischoff, Mike Komnik, Jakob Storz, Jasper Berndt

First published: 17 July 2023


“The lunar regolith breccia Dhofar 1769, which was found in 2012 as a single 125 g piece in the Zufar desert area of Oman, contains a relatively large, dark-colored impact melt breccia embedded in a fine-grained clastic matrix. The internal texture of the fragment indicates the repeated melt breccia formation on the lunar surface, their repeated brecciation, and mixing in second, third, and fourth generations of brecciated rock types. The chemical and mineralogical data reveal the incorporation of a feldspar-rich subophitic crystalline melt within a feldspar-rich microporphyritic crystalline melt breccia. This lithic paragenesis itself is embedded within a mafic, crystalline melt breccia. The entire breccia with the three different impact melts has been finally incorporated into the whole rock breccia. The three impact melts are mixtures of different source rocks and impact projectiles, based on the obtained minor and trace element compositions (in particular of Ni and the rare earth elements [REE]) of the impact melt lithologies. For all processes of impact melt formation, additional steps of their brecciation and re-lithification require a minimum number of seven impact processes.”