What we know about Oslo meteorite from cosmogenic isotope analysis

Z. Tymiński, M. Stolarz, T. Kubalczak, P. Zaręba, M. Burski, M. Bilet, E. Miśta, K. Tymińska, E. Kołakowska, A. Burakowska, P. Żołądek, A. Olech, M. Wiśniewski, A. Listkowska, and P. Saganowski

EPSC Abstracts
Vol. 10, EPSC2015-584, 2015
European Planetary Science Congress 2015


“The fragments of an asteroid that had crashed over
Norway were found in a few locations in Oslo at the
beginning of March 2012. Later on some pieces of
meteorite from the most South area were collected by
the Meteoritical Section members of Comet and
Meteor Workshop (PKiM) with the help of local
meteoritical authorities. One meteorite fragment of
32g was used to measure cosmogenic radionuclides
using non-destructive high-resolution gamma
spectrometry technique. Five radioisotopes such as
Al-26, Na-22, Mn-54, Co-57 and Co-60 were