Interstellar Detection of Methyl Isocyanate CH3NCO in Sgr B2(N): A Link from Molecular Clouds to Comets

D. T. Halfen et al

The Astrophysical Journal Letters
2015 ApJ 812 L5


“A new interstellar molecule, CH 3NCO (methyl isocyanate), has been detected using the 12 m telescope of the Arizona Radio Observatory (ARO). CH 3NCO was identified in spectra covering 48 GHz (68–116 GHz) in the 3 mm segment of a broadband survey of Sgr B2(N). […] CH 3NCO was recently detected in volatized material from comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko by Rosetta’s Philae lander, with an abundance ∼1.3% of water; in Sgr B2(N), CH 3NCO is roughly ∼0.04% of the H 2O abundance.