The Impact Effect Calculator of Celestial Body Impacts to the Earth: The Constructor of Hazardous Orbits

S. A. Naroenkov, D. O. Glazachev, A. P. Kartashova, O. P. Popova I. S. Turuntaev

Solar System Research
November 2018, Volume 52, Issue 6, pp 534–546


Original Russian Text © S.A. Naroenkov, D.O. Glazachev, A.P. Kartashova, O.P. Popova, I.S. Turuntaev, 2018, published in Astronomicheskii Vestnik, 2018, Vol. 52, No. 6, pp. 552–565.

“Quick assessment of hazardous effects from impacts of large celestial bodies is achieved through the development of a new consequence calculator. A distinctive feature of this calculator is a new block, the Hazardous-Orbit Constructor, which simulates the conditions of entry of a celestial body into the Earth’s atmosphere and determines the orbital parameters of the body based on given atmospheric entry conditions. This block is used to simulate the atmospheric entry conditions of known asteroids and meteoroids and to determine the orbital parameters of known bolides leading to meteorite fall events. For the case of asteroid 2008 TC3 and the Přibram meteorite, it is shown that within the potential impact area of the celestial body, the atmospheric entry angle may vary considerably.”