An inner solar system origin of volatile elements in MarsOPEN ACCESS 

Thorsten Kleine, Theodor Steller, Christoph Burkhardt, Francis Nimmo

Available online 12 March 2023



“The origin of volatile elements in Mars and whether these elements derive from the inner or outer solar system is unclear. Here we show that Mars exhibits nucleosynthetic zinc (Zn) isotope anomalies similar to those of non‑carbonaceous (NC) but distinct from carbonaceous (CC) meteorites. Like for non-volatile elements, Mars’ Zn isotope composition is intermediate between those of enstatite and ordinary chondrites, demonstrating that Mars acquired volatile elements predominantly from its inner solar system building blocks. The Zn isotope data limit the contribution of CI chondrite-like material to Mars to 4% by mass at most and show that Mars accreted less CC material than Earth. The origin of these disparate CC fractions is unclear, but can place constraints on how and when CC-type material was delivered to the inner solar system.”