The nucleosynthetic fingerprint of the outermost protoplanetary disk and early Solar System dynamicsOPEN ACCESS 

Elishevah van Kooten, Xuchao Zhao, Ian Franchi, Po-Yen Tung, Simon Fairclough, John Walmsley, Isaac Onyett, Martin Schiller, and Martin Bizzarro

Science Advances
14 Jun 2024
Vol 10, Issue 24


“Knowledge of the nucleosynthetic isotope composition of the outermost protoplanetary disk is critical to understand the formation and early dynamical evolution of the Solar System. We report the discovery of outer disk material preserved in a pristine meteorite based on its chemical composition, organic-rich petrology, and 15N-rich, deuterium-rich, and 16O-poor isotope signatures. We infer that this outer disk material originated in the comet-forming region. The nucleosynthetic Fe, Mg, Si, and Cr compositions of this material reveal that, contrary to current belief, the isotope signature of the comet-forming region is ubiquitous among outer Solar System bodies, possibly reflecting an important planetary building block in the outer Solar System. This nucleosynthetic component represents fresh material added to the outer disk by late accretion streamers connected to the ambient molecular cloud. Our results show that most Solar System carbonaceous asteroids accreted material from the comet-forming region, a signature lacking in the terrestrial planet region.”