Triple oxygen isotope exchange between chondrule melt and water vapor: an experimental study

Tommaso Di Rocco, Andreas Pack

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
In Press, available online 30 April 2015


We have conducted time and ƒO2-dependent oxygen isotope exchange experiments between chondrule analogue melts and H2O in the phase. The aim of our study is to address the question whether the oxygen isotope composition of chondrules is the result of exchange with the ambient nebular gas or has been inherited from the precursor material. The silicate melt-H2O vapor exchange experiments were carried out in a vertical gas-mixing furnace using the metal loop technique at 1500°C. The duration ranged from 5 to 1440 minutes and ƒO2 was set between IW-3.8 and IW-1.3 using the H2O/H2 buffer. Our experiments show that 50% exchange between H2O gas and silicate melt occurs in ∼4 hours at ƒO2 = IW-3.8 and in ∼1 hour at ƒO2 = IW-1.3. At solar nebula conditions, significant exchange occurs only if chondrule-melting times were several hours.