Detailed information about SARIÇİÇEK Howardite meteorite fall (Bingöl,Turkey) released (updated Feb. 23)

Last updated: February 23, 2016

The meteorites have been officially registered as SARIÇİÇEK in the Meteoritical Bulletin Database on February 22, 2016.

Writeup of MB 105

The Turkish Meteorite Network has released detailed information about the fall:

Computer translation:

“SARIÇİÇEK meteorites (Bingöl, Turkey)

Data Saricicek Meteorites (EXCEL FILE-SARIÇİÇEK meteorite RELATED TAG FILE)

2 September 2015 from around 23:10 hours, the village of Bingol Saricicek has fallen meteorite. Regarding this event, Bingöl Tuğçe OZDUMAN Lady (TEE) has sought to TUBITAK. TEE, Murat parmaksızoğlu the TÜBİTAK National Observatory (MPA) has reached. MP Assoc. Dr. Ozan Ünsalan (OSI) gave information to deal with this issue by calling. If he is held in Helsinki, Finland, in 2014 ACM2014 (Asteroids, Comets, Meteors), which met in convention-set from NASA astronomer Dr. JENNISKENS Peter (PJ) is in contact with in the past. He was then started to investigate recordings of these events in Bingöl via the internet. Principle reached his first interview with the News Agency of the locals. He is calling on local people from the Nez news agency ERK (NE) is in contact with in the past. Questions were asked about the issue itself. PJ was asked whether example of Ouya hand during this time. It is only after the contact with the sample would pass into the hands of the villagers stated. He, NE NE after contact with OSA address at the University of Istanbul sent a sample of about 27 grams. However, he is pj’y A first example of this example photo and then sent to NASA-Kit cargo by itself. PJ dependent on other institutions and NASA has begun the study of meteorites. Thus SARIÇİÇEK meteor Consortium is formed. During this time, PJ, primarily has decided not to meet with Istanbul OU and planning. At the same time Bingol University has started to interest in the issue and reaching the village has gathered some examples. He, on the subject before Bingol Bingol University Physics Department chairman Prof. Dr. Iskender DEMIRKOL (HR) and in contact with past and gave him a brief description. As background information in the study conducted by NASA, Saricicek meteor of which is detected by NASA’s satellites entering the atmosphere and the meteor (main part) the diameter of which is approximately 50cm in size, the atmosphere is degraded at an altitude of about 40 km, which is quite steeply falls, the fragmentation energy is around about 0.07 kilotons and HED (Howardit A, Eucrit A, Diogenit A) of subclass Howardit species has been found to be a Achodrite. Bingöl Police Department regarding the incident and the first time the camera records the event Bingol University, (250 cameras) is carefully examined, the data to be collected for technical analysis. Stars background images, as well as the University of Bingol Mus was exposed again in front of the camera on the Alparslan University Campus.

September 28 = PJ-Istanbul University Faculty of Science, Department of Astronomy and Space Science Seminar

September 29 = O, PJ and graduate students will get KAYGISIZ (EK) -Bingöl arrival, met with the Rector of the University of Bingol, examination of the record on camera 200

September 30 seminars = University of Bingol. Visit Saricicek village. 130 gram sample, NE by, pj’y Gamma delivery for spectroscopic studies.

October 1 = Muş Alparslan University visit. Examination of more than 100 security camera recordings, meeting with Deputy Rector.

October 2 = return Bingol. Saricicek visit the village again. NE and meeting with the family. WHAT by the village of meteorite specimens, gathering people, coordinate and take the list prepared of mass information. (Table containing 188 pieces of meteorite tag), visit the University of Bingol research laboratory and receive information

October 3 = a team of field survey of 20 people (an area of ​​approximately 40km’lik “” has scanned the letter as by the meteor scatter area plan. In line pj’n the experience and suggestions of the previous meteor scattering of strategy formulation screening to be perpendicular to the meteor’s arrival direction is made. found 8 new meteorite in today’s call and are listed on records. It also found that the OU, and sample 27.46 grams, Istanbul University Faculty of Engineering to exhibit at the Geological Museum “SAMPLE TYPE” respectively.

October 4 = O, PJ and additional return to Istanbul

Saricicek determination of the orbit of the meteor, the determination of the scattering field in accordance with this information, determining the structural and spectroscopic analysis of the meteorite studies are ongoing. All this information, and after receiving the results begin to come together, where our official page, announcements will continue to be done.

On the other hand, the writing should be both visual and social media, regarding Saricicek meteor in many publications and the university, “false, incomplete and non-scientific” has been and continues to leave many of us. This event RESPECT TO FIRST DAY FROM, are carried out on our WORK BY (DOCUMENTS AND CORRESPONDENCE WITH prove), the most accurate and current information ALSO INDICATES by US will be announced, on this issue, “which to us of where we publish” any information and we reserve the right visual copyright We declare our respect for that. Full details of Saricicek Meteor after it clear all the information and results of scientific analyzes, to be described in the best possible way with a television program and press release will be made. Best regards.

Assoc. Dr. Ozan ÜNSALAN

Sarıçiçek Meteorite Consortium:

Last update: February 4, 2016

Researcher Institute Task Samples
1 O.Unsalan (Lead) İstanbul Univ. Meteorite recovery, IR&Raman spectroscopy #22,179,15,
2 P.Jenniskens SETI/NASA ARC Trajectory reconstruction, meteorite recovery #16
3 M.Zolensky NASA/JSC Petrography #12,14
4 Q. Yin University of California, Davis Isotope and trace element geochemistry #12,14
5 D.Sears NASA ARC Thermoluminescence
6 K.Welten Berkeley Univ. Radio isotopes
7 M.M.M.Meier ETH-Zurich Noble Gas Analysis #12
8 C.Maden ETH-Zurich Noble Gas Analysis #12
9 H.Busemann ETH-Zurich Noble Gas Analysis #12
10 J.M.Friedrich Fordham Univ. Composition Plots
11 D.P.Glavin NASA/Goddard Aminoacids #12,14
12 P.Kopplin Helmholtz Muenchen Mass spectroscopy
13 M.Laubenstein SanG Natural Gamma Ray Activity #26
14 T.Hiroi Brown University/NASA-JSC Reflectance Spectroscopy #12
15 V.Reddy Planetary Science Institute Dawn Related Reflectance Spectroscopy
16 P.Brown Univ.West Ontario Infrasound
17 D.Clark Univ.West Ontario Pre-Impact observations
18 D.Ostrowski NASA/ARC-SST
19 D.Prabhu NASA Atmospheric Entry and break-up
20 D.C.Burkhard NASA
21 K.Ziegler The Univ.of New Mexico Oxygen isotopic compositions #12,14
22 M.E.Özel Işık Univ. Age determination, Statistics&data extraction on Sarıcicek Lat-Long-mass data  #238
23 G.Ö.Ildız İstanbul Kültür Univ. IR&Raman Spectroscopy #22,179,15,
24 E.Kaygısız İstanbul Univ. Thin section&XRD&Petrography, meteorite recovery

met.recovery, statistics&data extracting on lat-long-mass data

25 M.Yeşiltaş Stony Brook Univ. IR&Raman&XANES #15,21,183
26 İ.Demirkol Bingöl Univ. Meteorite recovery, XRD, ICP-MS, IR #20,23,194
27 İ.Y.Erdoğan Bingöl Univ. Meteorite recovery, XRD, ICP-MS, IR #20,23,194
28 A.Ş.Bengü Bingöl Univ. Meteorite recovery, XRD, ICP-MS, IR #20,23,194
29 M.Oshtrakh Ural Federal Univ. Mössbauer spectroscopy, XRD,SEM&EDS,Optical Microscopy #181
30 A.Maksimova Ural Federal Univ. Optical Spectroscopy, Mössbauer spectroscopy, SEM&EDS #181
31 A.V.Chukin Ural Federal Univ. XRD #181
32 V.A.Semionkin Ural Federal Univ. Mössbauer spectroscopy #181
33 M.S.Karabanalov Urral Federal Univ. SEM&EDS #181
34 S.Öngen İstanbul Univ. Petrography, thin sections and XRD #182, 179, 327
35 İbrahim Uysal Karadeniz Tech. Univ. EMPA,RAMAN,BSE,Laser ablation-ICPMS #22,182
36 Melanie Kaliwoda Min.Stat. Coll.Munchen Raman Spectroscopy #22,182
37 Matt Sanborn University of California, Davis Isotope and trace element geochemistry #12, 14
38 Magdalena Huyskens University of California, Davis Isotope and trace element geochemistry #12, 14
39 Doug Rowland University of California, Davis X-Ray tomography #12, 14
40 Ken Verosub University of California, Davis Magnetic Properties

#12, 14
41 H.L.McLain NASA/Goddard Aminoacids #12, 14
42 J.P.Dworkin NASA/Goddard Aminoacids #12, 14
43 J.E.Elsila NASA/Goddard Aminoacids #12, 14
44 T.Glotch Stony Brook Univ. IR&Raman&XANES #15,21,183
45 Viktor Hoffmann Univ. Munich #22,182
46 Karl Wimmer Rieskratermuseum #22,182
47 Rupert Hochleitner Univ. Munich #22,182
48 J. Arnold NASA
M. Boslough Airburst Modelling
Caroline Gi Infrasound Analysis
Katie Bryson Crack Analysis
C. Altunayar Ege University TGA/DSC/DTA Analysis #55 fragments
Z. Terzioglu Ankara University Statistics&data extraction on Sarıcicek Lat-Long-mass data