Tafassasset has been reclassified as “primitive achondrite”

Writeup from MB 105:

Meteoritical Bulletin Database / Writeup from MB 105

“Tafassasset, reclassification

Agadez, Niger

Find: 2000

Classification: Primitive achondrite

History: A comparison of the overall petrography, modal mineralogy, mineral compositions, oxidation state, and bulk composition of Tafassasset with the CR chondrites, the brachinites, and two anomalous achondrites indicates that Tafassasset is not a thermally metamorphosed CR chondrite. For example, the bulk Fe content of Tafassasset samples range from 23 to 40 wt.% (Gardner-Vandy et al., 2012), whereas the mean Fe content of CR chondrites is 24 wt.% Fe (Kallemeyn et al., 1994).
Tafassasset is most similar to ungrouped primitive achondrites Lewis Cliff 88763 and Divnoe, and to the brachinites (Gardner-Vandy et al., 2012). Tafassasset is an ungrouped primitive achondrite.”