Constraints on the water, chlorine, and fluorine content of the Martian mantle.

Filiberto, J., Gross, J. and McCubbin, F. M.

Meteoritics & Planetary Science. doi: 10.1111/maps.12624


“Previous estimates of the volatile contents of Martian basalts, and hence their source regions, ranged from nearly volatile-free through estimates similar to those found in terrestrial subduction zones. Here, we use the bulk chemistry of Martian meteorites, along with Martian apatite and amphibole chemistry, to constrain the volatile contents of the Martian interior. Our estimates show that the volatile content of the source region for the Martian meteorites is similar to the terrestrial Mid-Ocean-Ridge Mantle source. Chlorine is enriched compared with the depleted terrestrial mantle but is similar to the terrestrial enriched source region; fluorine is similar to the terrestrial primitive mantle; and water is consistent with the terrestrial mantle. Our results show that Martian magmas were not volatile saturated; had water/chlorine and water/fluorine ratios ~0.4–18; and are most similar, in terms of volatiles, to terrestrial MORBs. Presumably, there are variations in volatile content in the Martian interior as suggested by apatite compositions, but more bulk chemical data, especially for fluorine and water, are required to investigate these variations. Finally, the Noachian Martian interior, as exemplified by surface basalts and NWA 7034, may have had higher volatile contents.”